Lotis Technologies

Lotis Technologies

Injection Molded Returnable Dunnage

Customers have seen significant cost savings in switching from disposable cardboard packaging to returnable plastic packaging. We have engineered fully robotically loaded seat pallets and simple pieces of rack bar dunnage with great success. We have eight machines from 185 Ton to 1100 Ton as well as access to larger machines if required.

Stacking Columns

This allows products such as roof panels, hoods, doors and sunroof housings to pack out on one skid without contacting each other and damaging Class A surfaces on the part or having the parts stick together for a difficult unload. With over 20 years in the stacking column industry we have used injection molded, steel, extruded aluminum and composite fingers. We customize the design to the customer’s requests and needs with recommendations based on experience.

About Us

Lotis Technologies has been in the returnable packaging industry for over 13 years. We have expertise in stacking columns, seat pallets, shipping trays, automated trays, rack dunnage and more. We are an engineering focused company that looks forward to working with you to help solve your problems. We believe that strong design is critical to the success of all jobs. We spend the time necessary to make sure that our customers have the product that they need to make their job a success.